Using mobile devices to acces

The site should now be accessible and usable on most devices, however there are so many combinations of type / model/ operating systems/ browsers that there are bound to be a few issues. Most of these can be resolved by searching the internet for the right solution for example .. you may not realise that you can request a 'desktop view' on your mobile. If you're stuck drop a line in the discussion room..its likely somebody will have already have the answer.

Note also there is a Tribal pages App you can  download from the Apple store or google play . . Its easy to use but to make it suitable for mobile devices it has reduced functionality. If possible i'd recommend you add this to your device as an alternative handles photo records well if you
want to focus on them.

WBRQ02 Progress update

21st August 2019            Update

The site has moved up the google search rankings and will often appear within the first  4 pages depending on the search criteria.

The site has been running for about 10 months. Over that time a number of improvements have been made , most recently the introduction of a discussion forum. In terms of milestones we have reached the 100 individual users target and the number of names on the site is 2000. So far the site has/is being used by people in USA, Canada  Australia, France, Ireland, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Egypyt, Nepal, Sweden, Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia. The site  typically gets 2-5 visits per day
For the next six months it would be good if you could hit about 130 distinct user mark.

We have some good stories documented  with  a bit of a backlog to catch up on. However we need more.  Ideally supported by photos, voice recording or video.

Family specific updates will be posted against respective family tree entries P5-P8