IT UPDATE................

The challenge for any large scale genealogy project is to manage and convert large amounts of data into useful information that can be easily read and understood. A number of IT solutions do this but my sense is at this time they are suffering from a graphics overload, non intuitive processes and overcomplicated and expensive pricing. Tribalpages does what it says on the tin! Also, its  important to recognise that the simplicity of Tribalpages, means you’ll get a much greater interest and involvement from all family members. Given that some are a little more technically challenged than others means this is critical to the success of the project. Tribalpages, does the heavy lifting, it is not designed as a discussion forum, hence the addition of this site. One final point, the two sites are not optimised for mobile devices, some devices will have some functionality but as a rule you should rely on your pc or laptop for this sort of work

If you have any Technical issues please raise them as a comment here.



  1. It is important that all members have their ‘follow by email’ set up to ensure everyone’s up to speed on discussions and able to add their input when needed. Simply enter your email and follow the instructions to enable the ‘feedburner’ service. It takes about 1-2 min to complete a few simple steps..any problems raise as a comment here...