The symbol below will now appear on the website to verify DNA matches. With many of these in place we should be able to prove the family connections along many lines.



As was mentioned in the previous post there is a lot to digest from the Ancestry DNA report. In terms of close relatives with DNA links about 100 have so far been found globally

In terms of wider relations a potential 16,000 DNA samples taken worldwide  have matching areas of DNA. Finding the lines connecting to these relatives is difficult, however many people have submitted family trees  making it is possible to identify the links.

A typical match looks like the image  below and illustrates  just how much DNA you share..

Analysing your DNA

The graphic shown below is a summary of my DNA test results carried out by Ancestry I thought i'd post  it  to give you a feel for the sort of output you can expect.

 I'm going to write up a more detailed interpretation next week, after having digested the info, I'll post this to the  DNA page. A few things stand out immediately....

  • My connection to the East Midlands is very deep  rooted
  • Surprisingly I have absolutely no Scottish or Irish DNA, the average person normally has  a little of these
  • The Scandanavian link is a actually quite high
  • The Estonia/Latvia /Lithuania link..a complete surprise?
  • What is even more surprising is that it has generated more than 100  connections to people who share parts of my DNA and I would never have been aware of them.

Robert Hamilton Chapman

A very close relation on the Rollason side, I think a great Great Grand Uncle is the correct expression.
Robert Hamilton Chapman was an established landscape artist in the Victorian era, good enough for his work to be presented at the Royal Academy four times and his work is currently shown on many worldwide auction sites at  up to £5000. There is a lot more information on Robert’s life against his name on the database. Just click on the ‘Quick Access’ button opposite  to access this information.

 Recently acquired Wileman pottery. It really helps bring to life some of the family stories