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 Recently acquired Wileman pottery. It really helps bring to life some of the family stories

 The Library

The Group facebook page contains a library of all researched individuals (see files section on facebook).

The latest entry is Henry Wileman, it’s a 30 page a document and well worth a read as it tells the story of one  our most influential  ancestors.

If there is an ancestor on our tree  that you feel has an interesting story to tell please let us know and we'll see what we can discover.

 Introduction of facebook Group

Members will now be able access all researched stories, exchange photos and videos, and discuss new material via the facebook group. We hope to extend this group significantly as more relatives become increasingly aware of the scope of this project.

We are aware that a number of our current membership are not familiar with facebook. So for the interim we'll keep some of the key documentation available via the existing Discussion Group. In the longer term we'll be looking to close the Discussion Group as we are finding the facebook approach better meets our needs for efficiency and inclusivity. For those who haven't tried accessing the facebook group before and need some guidance contact the administrator.

Introduction of Instagram ....#wbrq02

Instagram is being used to capture those special images that are the moments that have shaped  our personal history as well as taking a look at the changing fashions in clothes, cars, interiors etc. Where possible we're looking for good quality images

Also the presence on instagram helps us widen the awareness of our group and associated  website.



Instagram is now live on the site and be accessed through the activity button opposite or as a link shown  in the left hand column of the family section. 

#wbrq02 has also been established

 Click  on the  tabs of the 4 families in the menu to find some interesting tables on where the surnames can be found in the UK &I . This is more meaningful for the three smaller  less well known surnames. 

The graphic below illustrates  the problem researching the larger Baker family as we go further back in time,  There are simply too many  places where Bakers are established. This mean we have little idea of  where the family first settled or any obvious migration paths.


The WBRQ02 Library Card

 The new card will be made available to all members on the 20th Nov, via the Discussion Group. This will enable immediate and easy access to all the researched ‘Stories’


Double click image  to enlarge 

Over 100 of the best family history websites connected to WBRQ02

 WBRQ02 is now connected to over 100 of the selected best family history websites. You can click on these links and use this site as your connection to other sites, all have which have been verified as active links. Ref. ‘Research Resources’ in the right hand column, under the label ‘Useful Websites’.

Using your mobile phone to view the website..

 Most mobile phones will have the capability to switch views between a 'mobile view' and a 'desktop view'.

For example on the iPhone you get to see all the website by switching to 'view website' via  the tab at the bottom of your search screen. If you just leave it as a mobile view this may be not be as convenient you would like as parts of the site have to be moved around to fit the screen limitiations. Try the desktop view and see if it is more suitable.

Users of the Website

 A detailed look at where the viewers of this blog came from.This gives us some idea of areas where we might find current day family connections.

This is a good (free) start point for those wishing to further explore their lineage

End of year statistics for 2020.

2627 website visits since December 2019

95% of Visitors are from


Remaining 5 % are from















Puerto Rico

South Africa







Location of the most recent 150 users is shown on the world map graphic in the right hand column...this shows increasing use of the site in East Coast USA

The site has 4800 records

Bruce Baker

 We’ve been searching for a photo of Bruce Baker. Brian Timmins has suggested this one could be him, but we’re not sure? Can anyone help ?

Laurie Wileman's Family History Notes

 These have been made available to the Discussion Group. Click on blue button


A comment is welcome against any entry that is followed by a grey box...

Which contains a comments tab. Click on this to make a comment.
 Where no comment has been made so far it will say ‘No comments’........

User Guide

 Simple one page user guide to get you started on using wbrq02...available to members in ‘discussion group’ ...the big blue button...

Famous battles

The following is a list of  YouTube videos that provide the background to the experiences of some of our relatives who fought in many  of the most well known battles/campaigns. Click to view.

Alternatively these videos can be watched on the 'youtube channel'. After clicking on the large pink 'view family youtube button'   click on the chosen film from the 'Famous battles' playlist.


Napoleon’s Vietnam - Spain


Battle of Coruna


Battle of Waterloo


Battle of the Somme


 Battle of Arnhem


2nd Boer War rare footage


A black week for the British - Boer War 


Request website version when viewing via mobile phone

To get the full benefit of the website it is important that users viewing via mobile phone request 'website view' when prompted. You may find holding the phone 'landscape'  offers best  results. Any problems get in touch. 

Mobile Friedly Website

Some changes have made by google which may have effected the page views on you mobile screens. Any feedback welcome on where improvements can be made....

Important ‘Other’ Surnames

Page 14 will now have regular updates on the important ‘other’ families in this family history. These may  contain over 100 names and this maybe a useful link to other researchers

The following table shows all of the surnames with a significant presence in our family history research. Many of these have over 100 people represented in our family tree. In order to help researchers we have constructed this quick guide to give a steer as to whether our site is worth further investigation.....

Surname. County of interest Focal point(10-15 radius)

Alder Gloucestershire   Kings Stanley  
Benson Derbyshire  Derby
Bourne Staffordshire North in the Moors
Child Berkshire Maidenhead
Corbett Worcestershire  Old Swinsford 
Dennis Leicestershire.   Measham
Evans Leicestershire Measham
Foster Leicestershire. Appleby Magna
Flynn Limerick. Foynes
Gettings Pembrokeshire Narberth
Goodhead Staffordshire. Burton upon Trent
Hall Leicestershire. Ashby de la Zouche
Johnson Leicestershire. Staunton Harold
Lakin. Derbyshire. Melbourne
Lusty Gloucestershire. Kings Stanley
Marshall Suffolk   Sudbury
Muggington Derbyshire Hognaston
O’keeffe. Limerick. Ballyhahill
Pearce. Middlesex. Ealing
Shannahan Limerick Australia
Skidmore.   Worcestershire. Dudley
Timmins Worcestershire   Stourbridge
Tivey Derbyshire Melbourne
Tudor Staffordshire Cheddleton
Yates. Derbyshire Brailsford

Identifying old family photos

Can you identify these old family photos..If you have any ideas please enter them into discussion forum.To do this either enter the discussion group by simply pressing the big blue square on the right  or use the  page 0 tab above. Alternatively enter your ideas into the comment box ‘posted by’ below, whichever is easier for you..



Australia Research

This is a great resource to use when researching Australian links www.trove.nla.gov.au