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The Baker Wileman family tree has over 1000 names and can be accessed via the red button opposite.

************************************************* The notes below look at some of the wider areas of interest to the family as a whole

Many additions have been made to the Baker tree to reflect the discovery of our extensive roots in Hertfordshire, if you have any additional info or comments pleas go to the bottom of the page to enter them into the comments field


Baker Roots

The Baker line is clearly rooted in Hertfordshire, in an area of about 15 sq miles bounded by the villages of Sarrat and Wigginton and the towns of  Bovingdon and Chesham.

Surname distribution

Just made significant number of additions to the Yates line, much of it linked back to Hamlet

Rons war diary.

We now have quite a bit of video footage and this is in the process of being linked to individuals in the tree. However we are still short of voice recordings,...

Ron’s wartime diaries are now captured as a story in ...
‘A Rough Guide to Tunisia’. The whole diary has now been digitised should anyone wish to read it.

21/1/19 21
We’ve got some  good material on the Bakers. Thanks to Jill for giving us a kick start on the Yates and in particularly the ever active  Hamlet Yates??

I have a feeling that this family line may represent the best opportunity for getting some old audio/video clips we can put on  the site. My intitial  thoughts were.
1)I’m sure some of the weddings were videoed
2)Gerald was always ahead of his time with technology, I remember his joy at getting one of the earliest calculators and proudly calculating  big sums and waiting 20 secs for the answer I was seriously impressed at the time! Didn’t he also have an early video camera. Obviously Jennifer will  know but  I Just wondered if anybody could recall an event/moment he may have videoed
3) I sure somewhere there must be a recording of Harold singing or even a film of Harold and Jess  in one of their stage performances
4)Alice informs me there is film of her grandad..this would be great to add to his story.

Your thoughts welcome..


  1. I do have some early tapes ect filmed from our old cine camera but I had them transferred to mini film. I could let you have them if you think you could use them?

  2. A lot if updates have been made to the Baker family tree to reflect our extensive roots in and around Wigginton and Sarratt in Herts