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Based in  the west of Ireland we knew documenting this family tree would present a  few challenges, specifically families are often very large and names are often  repeated through the generations, they are widely dispersed having gone in waves to  Australia, USA and England. Add to that many Irish genealogical records were  destroyed and you find you’re at quite a disadvantage. However thanks to some  family documents we have been able to make progress.

Variants: Quinlivan, Quinlan, Quinlin, and O'Caoinleain or O'Caoindealbhain (original  Gaelic) forms

The surname was first used in County Meath, where the family name has held a  family seat from very ancient times. In the province of Leinster Quinlivan was usually  anglicised as Kindellan and has now been absorbed into the more common forms of  Connellan or Conlan. A branch of the family  settled in northern Tipperary and were  known as Quinlan in English. In the 1659 census they are noted as being one of the  most numerous families in County Tipperary. The name is now almost confined to  Munster, particularly Cork, Limerick and Tipperary. The variant spelling of "Quinlivan"  is most associated with County Clare, as evidenced by the 13 births recorded there  int the 1890 index. "Quinlin" was given as a principal name of Tipperary in thecensus  of 1659, and Quinlan remained as the favoured spelling of the name in 1890 with  Tipperary and Kerry being centres for the name at that time. Kindlon is  also said to be a variant spelling of the name in County Louth.

The majority of the Quinlivan family heritage is from West Limerick In particular those towns and villages in the red block ( as shown above). The village of Ballyhahill is the focus of the families represented in this tree

The table below is provided by Geneanet and uses its number of indexed records as proxy to the location of surname.The west of Ireland is, not surprisingly, a strong area. Locations in Australia, New Zealand and the USA Will be looked at in further detail.

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Popular First Names

The table below is provided by Geneanet and uses its number of indexed records as proxy to the number of family members with a certain forename.