Introduction to WBRQ02.

To kick things off I thought i’d give a quick summary of where we are at and what are the plans for  WBRQ02.

The site was launched four months ago. It has now passed 1500 names. Where possible the data has been validated by members and there appear to have been no major errors. The usage of the site continues to increase and the site has been used almost daily by different people over the past month. There are people from  the USA, Australia and Sweden now using the site. The number of people now registered members is 32. The site is regularly mentioned in the tribalpages top sites listing, which identifies a small number of the better designed sites out of the 450,000 they host.

I’ll aim to do a short review every six months. For next six months I’d like to get to over 100 distinct users, ie not one user looking 100 times but 100 users looking as many times as  they like. I expect there is some sort of tipping point where the site becomes more widely known and discussed, however I have absolutely no idea where that is.

To move things along as well as the tribalpages site I have now taken ownership of this domain name. I also have the WBRQ02 channel on You Tube.  I would welcome any thoughts on how to make the best use of the two websites and You Tube?