WBRQ02 Progress update

21st August 2019            Update

The site has moved up the google search rankings and will often appear within the first  4 pages depending on the search criteria.

The site has been running for about 10 months. Over that time a number of improvements have been made , most recently the introduction of a discussion forum. In terms of milestones we have reached the 100 individual users target and the number of names on the site is 2000. So far the site has/is being used by people in USA, Canada  Australia, France, Ireland, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Egypyt, Nepal, Sweden, Bangladesh, Chile, Indonesia. The site  typically gets 2-5 visits per day
For the next six months it would be good if you could hit about 130 distinct user mark.

We have some good stories documented  with  a bit of a backlog to catch up on. However we need more.  Ideally supported by photos, voice recording or video.

Family specific updates will be posted against respective family tree entries P5-P8