Important ‘Other’ Surnames

Page 14 will now have regular updates on the important ‘other’ families in this family history. These may  contain over 100 names and this maybe a useful link to other researchers

The following table shows all of the surnames with a significant presence in our family history research. Many of these have over 100 people represented in our family tree. In order to help researchers we have constructed this quick guide to give a steer as to whether our site is worth further investigation.....

Surname. County of interest Focal point(10-15 radius)

Alder Gloucestershire   Kings Stanley  
Benson Derbyshire  Derby
Bourne Staffordshire North in the Moors
Child Berkshire Maidenhead
Corbett Worcestershire  Old Swinsford 
Dennis Leicestershire.   Measham
Evans Leicestershire Measham
Foster Leicestershire. Appleby Magna
Flynn Limerick. Foynes
Gettings Pembrokeshire Narberth
Goodhead Staffordshire. Burton upon Trent
Hall Leicestershire. Ashby de la Zouche
Johnson Leicestershire. Staunton Harold
Lakin. Derbyshire. Melbourne
Lusty Gloucestershire. Kings Stanley
Marshall Suffolk   Sudbury
Muggington Derbyshire Hognaston
O’keeffe. Limerick. Ballyhahill
Pearce. Middlesex. Ealing
Shannahan Limerick Australia
Skidmore.   Worcestershire. Dudley
Timmins Worcestershire   Stourbridge
Tivey Derbyshire Melbourne
Tudor Staffordshire Cheddleton
Yates. Derbyshire Brailsford