Introduction of facebook Group

Members will now be able access all researched stories, exchange photos and videos, and discuss new material via the facebook group. We hope to extend this group significantly as more relatives become increasingly aware of the scope of this project.

We are aware that a number of our current membership are not familiar with facebook. So for the interim we'll keep some of the key documentation available via the existing Discussion Group. In the longer term we'll be looking to close the Discussion Group as we are finding the facebook approach better meets our needs for efficiency and inclusivity. For those who haven't tried accessing the facebook group before and need some guidance contact the administrator.

Introduction of Instagram ....#wbrq02

Instagram is being used to capture those special images that are the moments that have shaped  our personal history as well as taking a look at the changing fashions in clothes, cars, interiors etc. Where possible we're looking for good quality images

Also the presence on instagram helps us widen the awareness of our group and associated  website.